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Purpose Project was created to help people engage in their God-given purpose, live it passionately, and share the love of Jesus through their work & lives every day.

We lead people to discover their purpose, explore opportunities that speak to that purpose, engage their skills and abilities and keep Jesus at the center of that process.

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The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.

Proverbs 20:5

Christina Ruiz

Founder of PURPOSE Project and a corporate social impact champion. Christina spends her time investing in, and engaging with, organizations purposed to make Central Florida an inclusive and healthy place to thrive for all populations, especially the most vulnerable. 


Navigating her corporate career as a professional and maintaining her primary focus on her faith led Christina to take a step back and reconsider her goal to “climb the ladder.” After a couple of years spent discovering her own purpose, she set her sights on living the life she was created to live—one that is intent on keeping Jesus at the center, serving others, and bringing them along through the work of PURPOSE Project, mentoring roles, and discipleship within her church.


One of Christina’s foundational beliefs is that there’s redemption in everything. She believes that our story is always being written and that nothing in all of creation can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  

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Jennifer Felder-Smith

Jennifer is a strategist by trade but more importantly, a mother, wife, woman of faith, friend, mentor, supporter, volunteer, speaker, trusted adviser, and community advocate. Yes, all the things – to God be the glory! Her passions range from helping people and businesses thrive to creating art projects with her son in the backyard. She is someone who is simply doing what she can, with the talents and gifts she has been blessed with. Something she believes we all have the capacity to do through God, who has already worked it out in our favor.

As a Founding member and Co-Owner of the PURPOSE Project, she loves helping people on their journey to find purpose and fulfillment.  Jennifer's purpose in life is to come alongside people and organizations to be a helping hand on their journey to maximize their potential. We all are called for more and have been blessed with special gifts and talents. She enjoys helping to leverage those talents to live a life of purpose and intention.

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